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Girl in discussion-Park Shin Hye-Han Xiaozhou goddess makeup large public

Summer during Shang document of drama “Doctors”, and “any attachment”, and “w-two a world” regardless of is men and women leads of sucking eye degrees, also is plot content, are caused height discussion, play in love have hot, play outside ratings competition fierce, and drama in the actress of makeup capacity also became girls are hot on the of topic, 3 Department drama in the actress of makeup capacity focus the has different.

“Doctors” Hye-pink makeup

Drama in the played neural surgical physician of Park Shin Hye, drama in the makeup capacity go with nude makeup sense of makeup route, eye makeup part only to pink Department of eye shadow slightly dotted, lip color is using Mamonde of Highlight Lip Tint 6th, color, and because Park Shin Hye of skin belongs to more dry of type, so Gill red of part not using powder Gill red, to pink Department lip honey dip take in finger Shang, again light points in cheeks Halo open, overall makeup capacity natural and gas color. By age 8 years old secrets! The Doctors believe Park hair analysis

“Doctors” Li Shengjing-noble daughter of makeup

Li Shengjing plays Park Shin Hye’s arch enemy, two people from student to work, there are “emotional entanglement”, the first actor Hong Zhihong, and then there’s the actor Zheng Yundao. Being the only child in the family and in the play of her extraordinary momentum, sense of makeup is Park Shin Hye. In 10th set in the, she using of end of makeup is LANEIGE water concentrated NET white cushion powder cream, lip color is with brand of aerobic color fruit Yang nursing lip frozen 2nd, red Lee color, and to Brown eyeliner replaced black eyeliner, depicting in Shang, and Xia within eyeliner at, from eyelids 1/2 at down, wipe Shang Earth color eye shadow, makes whole eye makeup God and young. She-fashion rules! Lee Bible makeup analysis

“Any attachment” shows intellectual students focused on makeup-lip makeup

Show wisdom in the play is the students ‘ sense of makeup, the eye is not emphasized, but lip gloss as the overall make-up of key projects, and makeup perfect skin decoration green at the end of THE FACE SHOP, lip gloss is also brand new jelly lip gloss, 2nd pink Mickey head. Sau Chi brows with brow powder gently sweeping, seemingly plain eyes eye makeup, in fact last 1/3 carefully painted the eyes in black eyeliner, painted nude color eyeshadow, create if there seems to be no sense of makeup. Create national first show of intellectual high face value

“W-two” Han Xiaozhou-romantic sense of fashion sophisticated makeup

Han Xiaozhou crossed in the play in the real world and in the comics world, not only with designer brands such as PRADA and MiuMiu gorgeous appearance, styling is also endeavoring to romantic waves wavy hair and makeup with a mature sense of, accentuated her temperament. Used in the 2nd episode is beautiful Korean Crystal bright purple long-lasting metal air powder, Pearl light velvet lip balm with the same brand of shes pink. To match hair color, eyebrow color to select the most similar coffee-brown color, blush part is with orange color, tap the cheeks, bright and detailed but not excessive. New play dress up couple of Li Zhongshuo, Han Xiaozhou cute Flash!

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