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Flirting and beast! Aimahuasen beautiful stills exposure

‘ Beauty and the beast live-action movie stills exposure a few days ago, as “Belle” aimahuasen reproduce the classic scene of dancing with the beast, gorgeous gowns and two eyes, filled with elegant, romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Aimahuasen put on “Belle” classic yellow dress, played by Dan Stevens “the beast” led by dance, wave swaying skirts with shiny, looks very bright. Another stills, aimahuasen pull up skirt, looking lens alone, the whole distribution of fresh and elegant flavor, full of soft femininity.

The actress also put on “Belle” the original blue dress, quietly beside the beast, and Mrs Potts, clocks and candlesticks and other supporting roles in this still also be exposed again, looked very funny. ‘ Beauty and the beast ‘ is scheduled for release in March 2017.

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