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Swords Park to fit the whole hen! 2016 luminous Han rankings

TvN television in South Korea today announced that “this year is hard! 2016 red-glowing stars “as the theme of the survey from 1th to 8th place, included actor swords Park, popular women” TWICE “, Eric and actress Xu Renguo, Ganso idols goddess Gianna June List.

Sword of the first Park
Korean drama TV series “Please answer 1988” begin to lay the popularity, genius chess master roles to fill diverse image of masculinity, progressive views, promoted to the TOP ranks of the STAR. Recently in “cloud paintings of Moonlight” captured the hearts of many female fans, let him direct red across Asia. Popularity captures him just won 9 awards at home and abroad this year, in addition, he also favored by advertisers, making 12 ads, is a real hottie.

Second Liang Shijiong
In the variety show “Infinity challenge” on its nagging image impressive, become regulars. He in other ways, such as host, DJ work is also very active.

The third “TWICE”
Elegant image started out their hit debut 44 days access award, and to “CHEER UP” dance music program won the first prize. After the “shy shy shy” song in South Korea and caused a boom around the world, MV are amazing views of more than 100 million people.

Fourth place Luo Mei Lan
“Please answer 1988” out of her, later took a role “gentlemen of Laurel tailor shop,” and the film “dehuiweng” and so on, becoming a full range of actors.

Fifth place Eric (Eric Mun)
Performing consolidation play in the first half “, Wu Haiying” once again concern Ganso Member Eric Idol mythology, in the play and the heroine Xu Xuanzhen twists and turns of love, make a particularly wrenching, also received high ratings. Recently, he joined the popular variety show, “three o’clock”, in which ultra high level cooking show housewives, and life skills, and let everyone sit up, sentiment remains high.

Sixth Jin Shu
And the actor Yin Zhengxiu JTBC variety show “with you 2”, as a hypothetical couple who won the audience favorite.

Seventh Xu Renguo
He was composing “the Seasons of the Heart”, as a singer, was noted. After back-to-back performances drama “Please answer 1997”, “Lord of the Sun,” “shopping King Louis XIV” and the film “breathless”, play a surprising performance, and promotion to the ranks of the popular star.

“You from the stars”, the June Ji-Hyun becomes Asia representative star, recently with oboe Lee Min HO’s long legs were played “the legend of the Blue Ocean”, a unique plot and 2 excellent acting, so she continued active in the entertainment industry in South Korea. And has a high popularity of her advertisers scrambling to grab objects, all served as spokesman for 14 brands, earned more than 1 billion won. Although only 8th, revenues could surpass other top stars.

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