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More drinking hot tea will be colder? 4 NG used to make the body as ice

Often feels that he has to wear in the winter time was enough, but why is cold to you? Wear no use any more, except maybe weak, but there are four daily habits can make a person carrying ㄉㄟˋ Oh!

First habit of small series (tear) in the winter, because of fear of warm enough, some people will choose to wear two layers of thick socks (that is, small series I) wear two layers of socks can cause poor circulation of the foot, feet cold body, cold … But what if really cold? Can select the matching stockings and socks, which do not unduly oppressed feet, also with warm punch Oh!

Very surprised! Drinking too much tea is in fact not good ~ especially green tea, caffeine and caffeine and “diuretic” so the heat energy has been drained out of the body, but like black tea, oolong tea, “fermented” tea Oh! In addition, nor could he drink too much water, day over 3000cc, because too much water will cause the burden on the kidneys, causing the body temperature of ~

We often spas, bathing in the winter, the so ~ a wonderful comfort level! However, the best bath water temperature is between 38-40 degrees, once higher than 40 degrees, we’re not really in it too long, just soak, the skin is “temporarily” hot, after the end of bath, body temperature drops faster!

Small shot again! Want to say when eating fruit on an empty stomach, can better absorb the nutrients of fruits, make yourself more beautiful (laughter) but in winter is not a recommended practice when Oh fruits rich in nutrients, but the water level was low, on a cold winter morning, if eating fruit on an empty stomach, water would be taking the body temperature of Oh!! So la ~ who loves fruit suggests eating hot food, and then eat well!

A total of four points, shot in small make up two points, it’s no wonder every time more felt useless in winter. … What about you? Also fits this NG used to do? This winter, we quit it!

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