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2016-seven cell phones who are your No.1

2016-seven cell phones who are your No.1

2016-seven cell phones who are your No.1
2016-seven cell phones who are your No.1

Phase had gone to the end of 2016, a year, the entire smartphone market has undergone drastic changes. Relative to previous years, this year the Smartphone market as a whole is relatively stable year, but there are still a lot of development in new technologies mature, promoting the upgrading of the Smartphone experience, so that we as users can use to get better and better products. For such new technologies, I believe that often focus on the Smartphone industry friends will have the most impressive new technologies in order, do not know whether these have the one in your heart?

Function machine era, camera phone is a major force behind the direction of many manufacturers to push, is the most impressive ever Nokia, transferred to a smart phone, Nokia, including HTC, will still take pictures as the main push factor. When the sensor size, lens set smart phones after growing constraints on size, double-camera combination, first in 2014, Smartphone by HTC used in the photo experience on upgrade, that year appeared a variety of models equipped with dual cameras.
Originally, author had in explore phone photo air to: double camera back among forecast 2015 may is double camera “became many brand flagship models standard” of year, does, 2015 years double camera still was individual manufacturers insisted used, but seems to also no reached author had looks forward to of that momentum; Finally, 2016, double camera began blowout type development, not only in many flagship Shang carrying, even breath development to has some thousand Yuan price of models Shang, seems does is zhiqian ” Hold back too long “… …
And, relative Yu 2014, this year of double camera began play out has more of pattern, surface Shang are is “double camera”, but essentially for improved quality and upgrade play, aspects the has different of at, different pixel tie, and different lens collaboration, formed has has differences of of “double photo” form (double camera ≠ double camera “Apple and they” find different double photo also has these mystery Apple iPhone7/Plus evaluation), for user provides has rich of select space.
“Surface screen: a single follow up they’re”

Once Nokia unnoticed in 2.5D on the cell phone screen, but no one knows, when 2.5D screen real blowout, when the old Nokia has nearly gone. Then, finally a new screen design make the Smartphone screen design upgrades, it’s curved screen.
And dual camera feels somewhat similar to curved screens in market maturity is not achieved overnight, also after a year of testing the waters and explorations, Samsung, LG and other single, flexible screens are ultimately hyperboloid surfaces shine in the market even before the transition period.
Double curved surface screen Samsung is the biggest promoters and beneficiaries. After two generation development zhihou, Samsung of double surface screen process has very mature (double surface screen new peak Samsung Galaxy S7 edge evaluation), and finally has domestic brand began joined double surface screen camp, this which to vivo, and Huawei (million Yuan Super Apple Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design evaluation), and glory and millet, mainly, glory even more radical of build has a paragraph known as “eight surface” of flagship products glory Magic: super strong perception force opened phone wisdom of door 》。
Although there are still many manufacturers have not launched their surface screen products, but don’t jump the gun, double curved surface screen of next year there will be more products into the market. Supplier level, apart from Samsung, LG and sharp have also been active, so future supply and supply will be able to get better protection. Perhaps more attention is a rumored Apple two-surface screen iPhone8 … …. Things happen.
“Borderless screen: began to rise this year but it’s not enough”

And the emergence of many new technologies, no border when the screen appears in the first paragraph, sound is not great, even when there is a domestic brand without borders when only a small percentage of users come to the screen. First endless paragraphs mentioned here is now a lot of people already know the sharp models, introduced in 2014, mentioned here “national brand” is the Nubian, launched in 2015 to the Z9. Until this year, finally has more of brand joined to free border of camp among, derivative out has “full screen”, new of concept, but currently view, domestic real do Visual Shang to people no border feel of also only Nubian (extended Visual first no border phone Nubia Z9 first measuring, and no border Nubia Z11: fuselage reduction heavy edge interactive more sensitive), other of similar models still exists obviously of border, compared past of upgrade of at is border narrow has many.
Convinced that next year there will be more “no border” or “full screen” concept models, Super, Pingtung zhanbi and better visual effect of these models in pursuit of common goals.
“Modular design: mobile small size? Nothing is impossible “

Modular mobile phone Project at Google Ara has developed for a long time, but this year it was officially declared ended in failure. The ideal is rich while reality is poor, at least Google has tried.
But there are other manufacturers to find a balance between the ideal and the reality, and introduced commercial modular models such as LG and Moto. LG’s flagship LG G5 series introduced this year although ugly, but held multiple new technologies mentioned in this article, including two cameras and the modularity (the Google module LG phone bounced many years G5 what is not?).
Moto is a modular programme (Moto z series), through the magnet adsorption module for mobile phones of limited functionality and provides extended performance possibilities. Is one of the most popular of which launched in cooperation with Hasselblad camera modules. In addition, it also includes and is developing additional modules, provides more functionality and performance for mobile extensions (breathe new soul into the blade of the module innovation Moto z test).
“Soft light camera: with a benchmark others not to fight? 』

Self-timer this is many manufacturers do has is long of things, however this year vivo so a forced, let self-timer play out has points not as of new things, a is by special of graphite process build of soft light lamp, a is Qian reset double photo, two-way tie will intelligent phone self-timer experience upgrade has a big cut, to Vivo X9 for representative (Qian reset soft light double photo vivo X9: self-timer was also play depth). Take pictures at this year’s cross-evaluation, VIVO mobile phone camera has done a most excellent, as well as other camera manufacturers to draw a new line, “against war” next year, I hope the self portrait experience for smartphones will be fully upgraded in such a battle.
“Type-C + CDLA: new socket universal merger a hole”

The pros and cons just inserted, Compatible faster transmission speed USB3.1 standard of Type-C interface in 2015 began in intelligent phone Shang has used, in 2016 gradually achieved has universal, currently has has most manufacturers of phone are carrying has Type-C interface, certainly, also has individual manufacturers yet used, like vivo for on home user using convenient degrees, aspects of consider on upgrade to Type-C interface for caution attitude, but stay Type-C Universal degrees more high zhihou, apparently, its full replaced traditional micro USB interface the trend is inevitable.
And, development of Type-C has created a new extension of “skill”, it is considered the earliest CDLA technology, so officially canceled a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the smart phone, let this one Type-C interface, save the smart phone space. In addition to TV plus in addition to Moto z referred to above also Type-C “annexation” 3.5 mm headphone jack.
(Of course, most attention is Apple Lighting interface for iPhone7 and 7 Plus “annexation” practice of mode cancel 3.5 mm headphone jack, beginning as early as published a long time ago the crazy news, until the final message a reality. )
“Sense ID: ultrasonic fingerprint recognition can be better”

At the MWC in 2015, Qualcomm announced Sense ID 3D fingerprinting technology, than sensors with higher precision, more penetrating, and liveness detection, improve fingerprint identification security. Sense is only a very small number of models currently supported ID ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technologies, such as 5s based Yu Xiaolong 821 built millet. Sense ID 3D includes a Qualcomm biometric fingerprint technology integrated circuits (QBIC), custom sensor technology, as well as by the SecureMSM technology management algorithms, and mycophenolate mofetil in the technology is designed to compatible with all Dragon series 400, 600 and 800 series processors.
Sense ID and related technology is next year is likely to be another reason for the trend is that it makes fingerprint identification keys more “stealth”, even without the punch separately for fingerprint identification key, fingerprint embedded directly below the whole screen glass panel, ensure the integrity of the glass panel of the screen. Here need mentioned a exception, this year end Lenovo ZUK launched of ZUK Edge although no carrying Sense ID, but also through technology upgrade let fingerprint recognition embedded in has full of a screen below, but screen below still need separate of Home key module, just its fingerprint scan part has has more strong of penetrating sex (Lenovo ZUK Edge: Apple 7 of size loaded Xia 7P of big screen).
Still just Sense ID technologies such as budding, believe that next year there will be more models added to Sense ID and other similar ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology support.
In addition to the above mentioned technologies, through 2016, there are many manufacturers in the Smartphone industry new technology more details try, including fast-charging, including core of process technology upgrade (14nm years this year), including running memory upgrade (many of the flagship reached 6GB), including full pixel double check focus in camera technology, including Iris recognition technology. I do not know all of these, which one do you think No.1 is? Or what other options do you have?

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