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Three months after Apple Apple Watch Series 2

Three months after Apple Apple Watch Series 2

Three months after Apple Apple Watch Series 2
Three months after Apple Apple Watch Series 2

To some extent, Apple Watch may be popular with consumers left out in Apple’s product line as a product. Visible despite the iPhone on the streets, and Apple Watch seemed to never really warm welcome. This mini computing device on the wrist often consumers will leave such a question: my phone can do things, why should a watch to be completed?

According to statistics, in the third quarter of 2016, Apple sold 1.1 million Apple Watch, previous declines, which also makes it in the watch market dominance has been shaken.
Apple Updates Apple Watch this year, launched the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2. Melia Robinson used the Apple from the Business Insider Watch Series 2 after three months, their view of this product is given, then let us take a look at. (Note: the next use of the first person refer to Melia Robinson)

I eat when my cell phone on the side of the people, so phone in the family where they can, with Apple Watch make me more “aggressive”.
When you receive text messages, or calendar events as well as news, Apple Watch provides vibration alerts. I can take a look at my watch and then decide whether or not to remove the mobile phone operation, or can ignore it, Apple Watch can help me classify the following information.

View fitness watch features every day I will often times, 3 fitness ring reflects the health objectives of progress every day, when I was still some distance from target when, it will send me a reminder. Ring is divided into 3, activities, exercises and a standing target, respectively. I recommend depending on the application to set objectives, within a day, I need to complete 30-minute workout, burning 300 calories and stand 1 minute per hour (required to complete 12 hours, per hour stood at least 1 minute). Similarly, I can view the weekly record, come and see me this week how many days was accomplished the goal.

Furthermore, I can also use emoticons animation on some Apple Watch. I don’t use this feature often, only when I want to give my mother or boyfriend while sending a facial expression will be used. They have Apple Watch, so to be able to give me the same reply.

My Apple Watch is equipped with a stainless steel case and strap are leather strap from Hermes. If it is aluminum alloy case and “classic” leather strap button, I will be very happy, and also cheaper. Apple Watch Series 2 price is $369, cheaper.
38mm version on my hands are a bit too big, it is not smaller than the previous generation. Series 2 slightly thicker than the previous generation, which has been growing in thin the product for Apple, let a person feel somewhat taken aback. The addition of GPS is likely a watch of thickening “culprits”, but for style and comfort, and have little impact.

Apple device I’ve ever had, Apple seems to be the main screen of the Watch is the worst. Digital Crown is pressed to return to the main screen, it’s really bad, because this is not the first screen you see after the wake Apple Watch. Displays the time dial is the first screen you see.

I never entered through the main screen, as if this button is like a blind operation. And my normal size hands often points the wrong icon. On the watch you want to rearrange the application is bad, because you often click to close application.
Although Apple Watch looks like an Apple product, but its navigation isn’t as easy as I thought. In three months time, I haven’t mastered out some gestures. Most of Apple’s products is very intuitive, but the “Visual” term does not seem to apply to Apple Watch. It took me weeks of time to familiarize yourself with this product, for example, where are my text messages, how to slide switch a different interface, and which the dial is best for me and so on. And I want to install a new application, as this may require certain learning costs.

All in all, owning a Apple Watch is worth it, however, when Apple released the third-generation products, need to resolve some of the problems that already exist. Only by improving these issues, the user experience will improve. Perhaps at that time, Apple Watch will gain more favor.

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