Lady love-Wang Xintian Dai Xiaobang married

Lady love-Wang Xintian Dai Xiaobang married

The economic downturn, the high jewellery watches Chopin (Chopard) buck operation early next year to “raise” a Super top Jewelry Watch show, locked it is “Super top-level guests.” Supermodel Wang Xintian yesterday should be invited to perform two sets of brand jewelry, the highest amount, asked for more than 50 million yuan of diamond rings are also synchronized show.

Chopin’s last year in April and September two high-jewellery exhibition held, decided two months ago to raise, next January 11 and 12th two-day Super top jewelry exhibition held at Grand Hyatt Taipei, mining reservation system.

Brand said that two jewellery fair in the past year, 3~5 million drilling form favored by the Lady and therefore is the main commodity. But this Taiwan more than 40 pieces, valued at about NT $500 million in work, there is only this one or unit price tens of millions Yuan to meet demand for VVIP pursuit of unique works, “to have something special they are willing to step up.” This jewelry show to come to Taiwan more than 40 pieces of works, some guests on the introduction, including all kinds of Emerald jewelry, a Tourbillon jewellery table asked for more than 20 million Yuan.

Chopin in September this year to sell one million yuan of Emerald jewelry, plus Taiwan ladies also prefer such a gem, the heavyweight works on top of the 5.11 carat diamond ring, Emerald jewelry, earrings, rings and necklaces. Another major theme is the popular animal series jewelry of Chopin, including bats, hedgehog shape rings, brooches and other caterpillars.

When it comes to animal series jewelry, Wang Xintian also Fu is not only unique, meets her fantasy you can imagine, which combines animal and European fairy tales of ships under creative inspiration, showing diverse types and species, also from common to animal jewelry on the market. She loves a bat shape ring, “cool,” straight eye than a traditional wedding ring.

Wang Xintian think marriage ring doesn’t have to be diamond, she instead are interested in styling featured gemstone ring, admits that if anyone holding such a ring to marry him, she will be married, “that indicates that he knows me, knows my preferences.

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