How important is looking for a lover of emotional stability

How important is looking for a lover of emotional stability

The rest too long, marriage is hard, I wish you can love each other with emotional stability.


Once chatted with a Bachelor and asked what kind of woman he likes, I thought his answer was pretty good shape what smart. But he said four simple words: emotional stability!

He went on to explain, emotional stability is a gateway to a woman, long and beautiful, capable, goodbye baby, but if you get too emotional, you can’t afford to wait on a little bit.

Many women agree with “eq” is important, but do not know that “mood-stabilizing” is actually the most basic and important part of the business! You can talk, 10 points; communication, added 10 points, beats, add 10 points; but if you’re feeling out of control, 100 mark!


In real life, there are still many people, they would rather under the control of emotions, is not willing to take the initiative to control their emotions.

Small bank after graduation, students and will go into the world in Shenzhen, after 5 years, the students had become Manager of the company in Shenzhen have a House and a car, but she don’t even have a stable job, no deposits in the bank card, when most distress, since pay my rent for several months, was chased out the landlord.

In fact, not her lack of capacity, lack of talent, but her emotional! A word feud, banging the table and leave. She doesn’t want to find ways to solve the problem, but let your emotions control your own actions!

Many talks she love every 100% inputs, but each relationship, have ended in failure, because no one can bear to her emotional and hysterical.

Once she found out that boyfriend, chat with other girls, she cried to her boyfriend said, did you fall in love with someone else, does not love me anymore? Then punched her boyfriend and smashing and throwing bowls.

She can one day, gazing on the boyfriend says, “you’re so good to me, you are the people who love me most in my life, I feel very happy. “Every other day, might have sent text messages to her boyfriend said,” you don’t love me, we’d break up! It is for the good. ”

Plot is comparable in strength to the battered heart of the romance play, every few days to break up and good. Good points, was a bit nervous, said bluntly, the whole crazy.

Flip several times, her boyfriend, but more often, her boyfriend can only run away.

Unemployment, romance, in fact, is her own “make”.

Her emotions were stocking into a beast, the last injury hurt.


Emotionally out of control is a very dark force, this force sometimes swallows all.

A friend of mine, recently divorced, and the child was 3 months old. He said that short of marriage, is summed up in a word: a word not directly to violence.

Wife is very large, the risk of stepping on a mine at any time. She made a dish the table, his comment, she was angry, “don’t eat, Yes, you do! “And then patted his chopsticks on the table, in anger.

And his wife after the quarrel, he went to Cook, to go to bed when the water suddenly found water in the Cup on a WAD of toilet paper.

Once bought a watermelon in half lengthwise, I do not know what noise a few words, he went and took a shower, ate watermelon, discovered that the fruit is salt, topped with a thick layer of salt.

Once drove on the freeway, arguing, with his wife playing with the Windows, impulse almost directly open the door and jump.

One of the most serious, with their mother-in-law is disputed, his wife with a knife than a neck, ROAR, you say that, I hacked myself.

Friends say, coming home, like step by step to hell, he was tired, and no love.

Moody person, anger and low self-esteem in smoldering inside too deep. This anger is not on the outside, but are dissatisfied with yourself, to control the world weak, physiological age was a young adult, but the mental age is a child.

Extreme emotional brain is always filled with an idea, that is: obey me, or fire.


There used to be a friend when she was 3 months pregnant, my husband wants to divorce her because my husband can’t stand her grumpy, feeling pressure with her grand.

She cried again, because he still loves her husband, she asked me: “little sister, do you have any method can help me? I temper, couldn’t do! ”

I told her, although a person’s character is hard to change, but is able to control and change the mood.

There is a very famous law, called “Austin Philip laws”: the life of 10% is made up of things that happen in your, and other 90% is decided by you the events on how to react.

In other words, the 10% of the things in my life are beyond our control, and 90% of the things that we can control.

When one thing happens, you must face with the calm and cool manner, or let the thing the Devils to handle. This decision in your hands.

If you think that your emotions and bad temper, will hurt their most loved one, it is best to cool, cool, cool!

Once a small girl, particularly emotional, temper, would have a falling table, chairs. His father, in order to cure her grumpy, thought of a way, he told her, “when when you want to get angry, don’t hit the table, nail it at the stake. ”

A month later, stakes on the nails more and more. Later, the little girl, slow to learn patience and got better and better, she is a nail, pulled out from the stakes. His father asked her: “what you see the stake? “The little girl, see stake and a lot more densely packed with small holes.

These small holes, is the little girl tantrums scars, these scars will never be able to fix. The stake, representing yourself and your loved ones.


Perhaps women, relative to men more sensitive, more sensitive to external stimuli, so the women seem to be more prone to emotional. However, this does not become a reason of your surface.

Because emotional not only kills himself, and will also consume others. The trap, squealing, Heartbreakers, such sentiment is a disaster, and marriage and the family cat.

Emotionally stable person, not to a careless rage; not a God, for a lower; not pour heart full of negative energy around people won’t make people tremble, treading on thin ice, being careful around.

And emotionally stable people together, you will feel a gentle pleasure from him the power, the mood will get better and better.

Most beautiful words are not “me”, but “I’ve been in because of you, inner calm.”

The rest too long, marriage is hard, I wish you can love each other with emotional stability, work life laugh at rain.

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