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Open the first edition of the fighting ghosts preview trailer Kim Hyun make up can be baby ghost

TvN latest month fire show fight ghosts unveiled today the first edition of the preview trailer, starring Kim Hyun turned into a lovely woman, perfect conversion between angels and demons.

TV fight’s ghosts Yu today morning public has first version notice, played hostess of gold by dazzle out mirror, notice tablets gold by dazzle hair shawl, or in grass Shang run, or on with lens smile, a hit white long skirt of gold by dazzle is beautiful, let fans are immersed in gold by dazzle of beauty among, but notice tablets of end at, lens a turned appeared has a is ferocious of devil of faces, let audience are said was scare has a jumped. Trailer after the open, many netizens said he was looking forward to this show.

The fighting spirits adapted from the manga of the same name, determine into moonfire for tvN television drama, the play focuses on one can see the ghosts of hero and a ghost encounters and romantic cohabitation taking place funny love story, Jin hyun, Yu Ze evolved, the right to legal and other stars. Jin hyun plays the heroine Jin Xianzhi, Jin Xianzhi said the role of a tragic and lucky. Alive every day learning, continuous efforts for the upcoming college entrance examination, but destiny is very unfair, Jin Xianzhi accident suddenly died the day before the college entrance examination, end at the age of 19, because with no resentment of the college entrance examination, Jin Xianzhi avatars to a teleportation Wraiths female ghosts, living in this world. Lucky is that Jin Xianzhi between accidental know can see the ghosts of hero Han Fengba (Yu Ze evolved), and served with eight accidentally had a fight, and two acquaintances. Serve eight to remove money can see ghost eyes promised Jin Xianzhi’s request, two people living together, started the comedy of cohabitation, and triggered a series of stories.

Previously, set out into the fighting spirits for television time, Internet users by mail recommended casting, hyun was chosen first overall by the Golden, a lot of friends all want Kim Hyun starred in the play. Crew after a positive invitation to Kim Hyun is also certain to play, allow users to express joy, hope the play will give. Before Jin Xianzhi was originally a hard guy, but after becoming a ghost starts are curious about everything around, became cheerful personality a lot, is a lovely woman. Huge audience to dazzle itself saying that it was in line with cartoon characters, neither age nor the character Jin Xianzhi fit almost perfectly.

TvN last year has launched a similar TV show Oh my Ghost had very good ratings, to great acclaim, once again making the same theme of TV series, the audience is looking forward to the show’s broadcast. In addition, the fighting spirits will document.

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