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Of the 38 Division tactical team “Mei-chu,” Li Shanbin is tone deaf?

28th broadcast of the 38 t mobile team invited to Eton College as a guest singer. Seven in the mysterious singer, he saw is currently based upon the TV series 38 Division tactical team “Zhao Meizhu” one active activities actor Li Shanbin (이선빈, transliteration).

“Xu Renguo her” Li Shanbin, who the title, beautiful appearance came on Eton College said: “I saw you in the sound of my dream. “Subsequent to the mouth are showing handsome on stage dancing. And asked all male performers fall for it, but she still was chosen by Eton College in the” tone deaf “and not to the last, look at her singer Younha broke up the today show revealed the correct answer!

Be mistaken for “tone deaf” Li Shanbin, in fact, is the acting, singing, beauty, everything perfect, “strength”, in addition to the propaganda purposes of drama, also started his own fame, the audience noticed the shiny new actor, looking forward to her next performance!

The 28th saw the participation of your voice “mystery singer”, along with Super Junior ryeowook’s cousin-Jeong-wook Kim, end “Naul” series-Fang Xiyuan, who, based on TNMS 29th ratings data, highlights this set received 1.624% ratings, except for wireless television replays and a baseball game, got on the cable TV show first names.

And boasting appearances by “field” to distinguish between “power” and “tone deaf” Eton College, let us enjoy his final choices “dance Stephanie” cooperation for common sense!

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